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Displays | Vermont BASIC PLANOGRAM Assortment (Living Finish Brass)

Vermont BASIC PLANOGRAM Assortment (Living Finish Brass)

Item #: POG-LFB

Product Highlights:

  • Conant Vermont 6-piece starter weather instrument assortment
  • Includes:
    • T1LFB - Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer
    • T6LFB - 4" Dial Thermometer
    • T10LFB - 8.5" Dial Thermometer
    • T16LFB - Grand View Thermometer
    • VRG1LFB - Rain Gauge
    • VRG6LFB - Grande View Rain Gauge
  • Finish: Living Finish Brass

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This starter assortment for the Conant Vermont Collection contains the 6 Living Finish Brass weather instrument styles.



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